This was such a fun class! Working out in the water created a fun and challenging environment and definitely forced me to use muscle I don't use with other workouts! The instructor was nice and encouraging and kept me engaged!

This class was amazing! Eric was so happy, motivating, patient and excited to share his method with us. It was a full body workout that included dynamic balance while working arms, core, legs and cardio. I had so much fun!

It was my first time to do this workout, but it wasn't much harder than I expected and the instructor was really nice and never rushed on us to follow all the steps. He was smoothly controlling our tempo so that we could move on to the next step easily. Very inspiring!

I had so much fun and burned so many calories in 45 minutes! We did balancing out crunches, squats, push-ups and paddling on the board which was challenging yet I feel like this is the only core workout you'll ever need!

Eric was a great instructor! He helped me with easy transition between laying and standing on the board. Be prepared to do push-ups and squats on the board! I'm someone with ZERO balance and yet I was still able to not fall off the board the entire class. Definitely RECOMMEND!