Created in 2011, AQUA STAND UP® is an Indoor Paddle Board Workout Program designed for swimming pools and open waters, mixing different types of technics as such as H.I.I.T, Pilates and Yoga. Feel free to visit our INSTAGRAM page HERE

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COVID SECURED: "The COVID19 virus does not transmit through water during water activities/swimming" (World Health Organization source). Also, keep in mind that social distancing is applied during an AQUA STAND UP® class for the safety of members. 


AQUA STAND UP® has been featured in many articles in the Press and TV reports. One of the famous articles was published in LA TIMES. 


AQUA STAND UP® is a turn key solution program for a successful set up in your Facility. Here is the detail: 

1) Equipment: 

Our AQUA STAND UP® boards are inflatable which is very convenient for the following reasons:

  • easy to inflate (less than 2 minutes)
  • easy to use
  • safe (soft material in case of fall)
  • easy to store (against the wall for a better promotion of the program)
  • easy to maintain
  • easy to deflate (30 seconds)
  • easy to fold
  • easy to transport with
  • very resistant
  • versatile (use your AQUA STAND UP® boards for outdoor activities)


Including the following accessories: 

  • adjustable paddle
  • sets of adjustable straps for an easy set up in your swimming pool
  • high pressure pump double speed for an easy inflation
  • repair kit (just in case)
  • removable central fin
  • transport strap
  • 1 year warranty
  • resistance bands are not included


Open water solution:

You're looking for a way to generate additional revenues for your outdoor location (lake, beach club, camp...)! AQUA STAND UP® is also designed for open waters. We're providing a platform called the Deck (2 sizes) to which you can connect 8 or 10 AQUA STAND UP® boards. 

The platform is inflatable and easy to set up (comes with adjustable straps to secure the AQUA STAND UP® boards around the platform). 


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2) Training Course:

Training course is a very important part in the AQUA STAND UP® program. Your staff need to understand the whole process in order to run successful classes to your members. They will learn how to conduct an AQUA STAND UP® respecting all the safety requirements. 


2 ways to arrange the Training Course: 

  • in your Facility: 8 hours (additional cost will apply as travel & accommodation of the TRAINER to come to your place)
  • ONLINE through ZOOM or MEET: 2 hours


Here is the detail of the Training Course: 

  • equipment (inflation, deflation, maintenance)
  • set up in your swimming pool respecting safety distances
  • safety is our first concern
  • learning the 10 steps for a better members' experience
  • Master Class (45 minutes)
  • exercises analytic (exercises, physical benefits and modifications to provide)
  • learning how to read an AQUA STAND UP® script
  • learning how to move with the music (rhythm is key)
  • learning 1 track of the current AQUA STAND UP® Edition
  • teaching the selected track to the group
  • feedback from the TRAINER highlighting strengths and weaknesses in order to provide the best AQUA STAND UP® experience to your members


    At the end of the Training Course, instructors will reply to a QUIZ and have to score at least 25 out of 30 questions. Then, instructors will need to send a video of them teaching 1 track of the current AQUA STAND UP® Edition. They will receive an assessment in order to improve their skills. They will receive their AQUA STAND UP® Certification through email. 

    Once instructors are certified, they don't have to pay anything else to renew their certification. 


    3) AQUA STAND UP® Membership:

    The AQUA STAND UP® Membership is the BEST SOLUTION for an easy integration in your Facility. Your instructors will access to the AQUA STAND UP® Editions. 

    Instructors don't have to create anything! It's TIME SAVING for them and also a great way not to worry about the exercises to provide and modifications. EVERYTHING IS ALREADY DONE! They will be able to watch videos, download scripts and music.

    Editions are renewed every 3 months including the following versions: 

    • FULL BODY version
    • YOGA version
    • KIDS version
    • CIRCUIT TRAINING version


    2 memberships are available: 

    • 3 months
    • 1 year  

     Including with the 3 month Membership: 

    • AQUA STAND UP® pictures for your own promotion
    • AQUA STAND UP® videos for your own promotion 
    • Video chat to explain the new Edition (quarterly)
    • your presence in our social medias
    • unlimited support (phone, email)

     Including with the 1 year Membership: 

    • AQUA STAND UP® brochures to promote the program in your Facility
    • AQUA STAND UP® Banner 
    • AQUA STAND UP® pictures and videos for your own promotion
    • Video chat to explain the new Edition (quarterly)
    • your presence in our social medias
    • unlimited support (phone, email)


    For additional information, here is the LINK to review all the information about our amazing Program. Also, feel free to get in touch with us

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