About Us

B-BOARD® was created in 2008 by Eric Vandendriessche, French Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor and paddle boarder. Eric is in the Fitness Industry for 18 years and comes from Biarritz which is the bask country well known for surfing and paddle boarding.

Eric is also the Founder of a fitness program inspired by paddle boarding mixing different types of training like HIIT, YOGA, Pilates, super effective for the core, helping people to get stronger, fitter and more confident: AQUA STAND UP® was created in 2011.

Eric came up with the idea when he was Personal Trainer in France, wanting to propose something new, fresh and fun to his private personal training customers. 

The Program B-BOARD® WORKOUT is a HIT in USA, France and Switzerland. Designed for all ages and fitness levels, B-BOARD® WORKOUT is an innovative, safe, fun and engaging workout declined in 4 variations: 

- B-BOARD® BOOST is the High Intensity Interval Training version

- B-BOARD® BREATHE is the YOGA version 

- B-BOARD® BOUNCE is the KIDS version

- B-BOARD® CIRCUIT is the Circuit Training version 


 The B-BOARD® is also a great tool for Personal Training session: 


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