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FREE DELIVERY in the USA* - other Countries, contact us here

AQUA STAND UP® board is an inflatable paddle board specially designed for recreational swimming pools and open waters (private use also available: check this out here). 

AQUA STAND UP® board is inflatable, safe and easy to use. Inflate your AQUA STAND UP®board in less than 2 minutes, deflate it in 30 seconds only! 

AQUA STAND UP® board is designed for all ages and fitness levels. NO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED!

*Terms apply: for a minimum order of 5 boards


 Features: Length (10ft or 3m); Width (29in or 75cm); weight (20lbs or 10kg)


Accessories included

  • adjustable paddle per board (+1 extra adjustable paddle for the Instructor)
  • set of adjustable straps per board 
  • set of resistance tubes per board (3 levels)
  • high pressure pump (double speed) - 2 pcs per order
  • removable central fin per board
  • repair kit per board



1) How many AQUA STAND UP® boards will fit in our recreational swimming pool?

Safety is our concern! Since the beginning of the program back in 2011, we have set up safety requirements to ensure safe practice for AQUA STAND UP® participants! To give you an idea and as we don't know what are the dimensions of your swimming pool, 8-10 AQUA STAND UP® boards will fit in a 75ft long swimming pool! If you want to know exactly the number of AQUA STAND UP® boards that will fit in your swimming pool, please send us your pool's dimensions here and we will send you a layout.


2) Are AQUA STAND UP® boards easy to inflate?

Yes! you will inflate your AQUA STAND UP® boards with a High Pressure hand pump (double speed). It will take less than 2 minutes to inflate each board. Once your AQUA STAND UP® boards are inflated, we highly recommend to keep them inflated for an easy use.



3) Do we need to deflate our AQUA STAND UP® boards after each session? 

No! You can keep your AQUA STAND UP® boards inflated, stored against a wall (safe with the square tail). It's a good way to promote AQUA STAND UP® classes to your members/swimmers. Your AQUA STAND UP® boards will be ready for the next sessions! Ready to go!


4) How long to does it take to set up AQUA STAND UP® boards in the pool?

We highly recommend to teach your participants to set up their own AQUA STAND UP® board! In this situation, set up will take less than 5 minutes.



5) Is AQUA STAND UP® accessible for everyone?

Yes! No experience is needed. AQUA STAND UP® is safe to use and accessible to everyone. If you have any questions, feel free to visit our Instagram page at and ask any questions! Always happy to help! 


6) Do we need smaller AQUA STAND UP® boards for Kids class?

No! You don't have to buy other boards! AQUA STAND UP® boards will fit for kids and adults 🤗 Everybody will be able to enjoy AQUA STAND UP®.


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